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Cracking a tooth is a very unfortunate occurrence that we hope you don’t have to experience in your lifetime. However, if it happens and the cracked tooth is so severe that your oral health is compromised, the tooth may need to be pulled. To replace a badly cracked tooth, we can offer several tooth restoration options, such as a dental bridge that replaces the tooth.

A dental bridge is a dental appliance made of a singular structure and designed to look like the natural appearance of a tooth. If needed, our dentist can provide a custom-made dental bridge that fills the gap left by the extracted tooth so that your smile can regain its original look and function. The dental restoration remains firmly in your smile by utilizing a pair of fused dental crowns on either side to anchor abutments that we formed from neighboring teeth.

These abutments are formed when our skilled dentist removes the enamel layer to leave a post-shaped tooth behind. Then, we use the abutments and nearby relevant teeth to send a detailed impression of your smile to our dental lab, where technicians design the look and shape of your appliance to mimic your original tooth.

During the construction period of the bridge, we can cement hard, plastic crowns over the abutments to protect the vulnerable structure until the lab technicians have completed and submitted your new dental bridge to Great Lakes Family Dental. With the bridge complete, you will visit the office for a final appointment in which we cement the bridge in place following the removal of the temporary crowns. This final procedure will give you back your smile!

If you are considering the uses of a dental bridge in Jackson, Michigan, for repairing cracked teeth, we invite you to contact Great Lakes Family Dental today at 517.787.0550 and arrange an appointment with Drs. Neil and Asha Kinra.