When it comes to keeping your smile healthy and bright, you are our first line of defense. While we love taking care of your dental health, we recognize that the majority of your time is spent out of our office. That is why we are here to help you know how to improve your dental hygiene habits at home. Drs. Kinra and Kinra are able to help patients of all ages understand their teeth, gums, and what needs to be done to make sure they last for a lifetime.

At Great Lakes Family Dental, we will generally discuss your dental hygiene during your initial appointment and at your regularly scheduled visits. Topics that will likely be covered during this time are:

  • How and when to properly brush and floss your teeth
  • When to visit our dentists each year
  • The proper dental products, such as toothpaste, to use
  • Which foods support a healthy and smile and how to limit snacking
  • How to protect your smile from trauma during physical activities
  • What to do in a dental emergency

We hope that by visiting us, you will feel more excited about dentistry and taking care of your smile. If you ever have any questions, we encourage you to call us. Our knowledgeable dental team stands ready and willing to help you in any way they can.