Dental bridges are fixed dental devices that are designed by our dentists to replace one or more missing teeth. They are called dental bridges because they literally bridge the gap between the remaining natural teeth adjacent to the gap left by the missing tooth. The empty space is bridged with a false tooth known as a pontic. The methods to hold the pontic in place is what gives dental bridges their variety. Drs. Kinra and Kinra offer many types of dental bridges to meet your specific tooth replacement needs. Available are:

  • Traditional dental bridges, which use two dental crowns to anchor the pontic in place.
  • Cantilever bridges, which are similar to traditional dental bridges but are suggested when there are no teeth on one side of the gap.
  • Resin-bonded bridges, often referred to as Maryland bridges, which are ideal for replacing front teeth. They use metal clasps and bonding cement instead of dental crowns.

Dental bridges improve both the functionality and beauty of your smile. If you have lost a tooth, we invite you to consider a dental bridge in Jackson, Michigan, to restore your smile. For answers to your questions and help with scheduling your appointment, call us at Great Lakes Family Dental. We hope to hear from you soon.