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A dental filling is a great solution to fixing a decayed or injured tooth. There are many different restorations that provide the results you are looking for, and it is just a matter of choosing which one is best for you and your smile. If you come into our office, our dentist will examine your oral cavity and help you decide which filling would be best for your oral health. Some of the fillings available in the dental world today include:

Silver (Amalgam) Filling: A silver filling is very common, mostly because it can offer strong results for 15 years or longer. Because this filling is made of mercury, silver, tin, zinc, and copper, it is generally used to the back teeth and molars. The process of installing the filling is fast, easy, and painless.

Composite (Tooth-Colored) Filling: A composite filling is another common restoration that people choose because of its natural-looking results. It is also a great option if you have a chipped, broken, or irregularly shaped tooth. Your dentist can reshape your tooth with the material and improve the appearance of your smile. A composite filling is usually applied layer by layer and hardened with a special light.

Porcelain Filling: A porcelain filling is also known as an inlay or onlay. This is a great option that provides fitted and natural-looking results. It is helpful when the inside as well as the outside surfaces of your tooth need to be restored. The filling is created in a dental lab and bonded to your tooth to give you the results you desire.

Gold Filling: A gold filling is a strong restoration that can withstand chewing forces for 20 years or longer! It is generally used for the back teeth after it has been created in a dental lab. After the filling has been created, it is permanently cemented to the tooth. This is a rare but beneficial filling.

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