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Are you vulnerable to cavities on your teeth? If you don’t have dental sealants applied, the answer may be yes. We amassed this post to help you learn a small bit more about dental sealants; continue reading to increase your understanding, and feel free to contact us to plan an appointment if you’d like to receive oral sealants.

You may have learned that children without oral sealants are at three times higher risk for forming cavities than children who have dental sealants. However, this doesn’t mean that oral sealants can only support children. All people can benefit from oral sealants! (Though the sooner you get them, the better.) Dental sealants are typically applied to the molars, which appear between ages 6 and 12. If you haven’t received oral sealants by age 12 or even adulthood, it’s still possible to get oral sealants to defend your pearly whites. If you’re thinking about oral sealants, speak with your dental staff at Great Lakes Family Dental in Jackson, Michigan.

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