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Are you aware of the risks associated with tooth decay and what commonly causes it? Tooth decay is a condition in which your tooth enamel is slowly worn down. As your tooth enamel is a thin layer that protects the inner linings of your teeth, so it must be cared for as much as possible. Be aware that one of the most common causes of tooth decay is due to plaque buildup.

Plaque buildup is a thin layer of debris and bacteria that sits atop your teeth and slowly wears them down. If you have any substances in your mouth that linger around after eating, it is possible for plaque buildup to convert the substances into harmful acids that can eat through your tooth enamel. To prevent tooth decay and the eventual rise of cavities, you will need to make sure that you keep your mouth clean at all times. By using an effective oral hygiene routine that includes brushing twice daily and flossing once daily, you can help to quickly lower your risk for plaque buildup. Furthermore, visit our dentist biannually for professional cleanings.

Our team at Great Lakes Family Dental looks forward to enhancing your smile with tooth decay prevention cleanings. To book an appointment at our dental office in Jackson, Michigan, please contact Dr. Asha Kinra and our team at 517.787.0550.