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Your new dental bridge installed by Dr. Asha Kinra represents a significant investment in restoring the presence of a tooth that was lost to dental trauma or untreated tooth decay. It was created from durable dental materials capable of replicating the natural strength of your original tooth.

Even though it will not be directly vulnerable to tooth decay, the new dental bridge will still need extra focus in your daily oral hygiene regimen. If food particles and plaque are not removed from the dental bridge by regular brushing and flossing they could harden into tartar near the gumline.

The constant bacterial presence can eventually lead to gum disease complications. In time severe gum disease can even cause your gums to recede from the bases of your teeth. This could influence the health of the abutments that anchor your bridge in place or compromise the dental adhesive that holds it in place.

Brushing your teeth twice each day and thoroughly flossing between teeth and along the gumline at least once each day will help to remove bacterial matter before it can harden into tartar. If you’re having issues cleaning around the contours of the dental bridge, you might want to try an interdental brush or a dental water jet.

Your routine dental checkups with Dr. Asha Kinra is also important. This simple appointment will clean your teeth, and monitor the health of your mouth, as well as the integrity of your dental bridge.

If you’ve had a bridge installed at Dr. Asha Kinra’s Jackson, Michigan clinic and you have oral hygiene concerns, you can always call 517.787.0550 to speak to a staff member at Great Lakes Family Dental.